At the Palano Services store, in Via Dante Alighieri 140, it is possible to buy accessories and spare parts for motorcycles and quads.

Thanks to the partnerships with a lot of motorcycle, quad and snowmobile factories, the company can have original spare parts at convenient and competitive prices. Official seller of accessories and spare parts for Polaris, supplier of the brand Best Grip, the leading company in clawing spike with fast assembly for tyres and caterpillars.

The company has a catalogue of articles and useful spare parts to equip any type of vehicle to better face sport contests or simply for travelling in complete safety also during extreme weather conditions when ice and snow ravage and block streets.

To complete the commercial offering of accessories and spare parts for motorcycles and quads in Canove di Roana, there is a great availability of farming accessories such as towing, grass shredder, a tool box, a series of instruments to use in snow-clad areas such as salt tools, snow cutter, trails break to assembly also on ATVs with caterpillars.

In catalogue:

  • quad towing
  • pulleys
  • snow accessories
  • quad tyres
  • boots
  • windscreen
  • front and rear bumpers.
  • Hydraulic brakes and accessories for snowmobiles.
  • Bull bars for sportsman ’04.
  • Ipone oil.
  • Bardahl oil
  • This last main product is well known by all experts and its formula was discovered in 1939.

    Ole Bradahl founded its Bradahl manufacturing corporation and developed the Polar Plus formula that allowed molecules with low electric charge to chemically fixate at metal so that it could guarantee the correct lubrication also without lubricant oil.


The discovering was at the same time so impressive that the American government decided to put under a military secret this revolutionary formula.

The use in military field was to provide fighters with Bardahl lubricant, containing the Polar Plus formula, so that it could allow the pilot an emergence return at the base in case of enemy attack with the consequent tank break.

Thanks to the efficacy of Bardahl Polar Plus (which maintained under control engine frictions also in accidental lack of lubricant), the pilot could maintain the control of the aircraft and do an emergence landing. Still today, Bardahl Polar Plus formula is at the base of all Bardahl lubricants that during the years have been fine-tuned maintaining the same high performances.