To discover the Plateau by bike

Rent your bike! Ever shorter holidays, territories and stories to discover, but too little time to live them. A healthy walk in the countryside to discover nature, foreshortenings and landscapes, history and culture, is essential to regenerate our mind and body, but the brevity of our holiday moments prevents us from discovering everything we would like. A valid alternative to hiking is the use of mountain bikes for those with adequate physical preparation, or the most modern e-bikes or bikes with assisted pedaling. The e-bikes is a bike whose human propulsive action is added to that of an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. It is silent, has no polluting emissions during operation and ensures tens of km of autonomy. Palano Servizi offers the rental of classic MTB and e-bike mountain bikes always delivered in perfect efficiency, as well as punctual and specialized technical service also for the bikes owned by the customer.

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