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For adventure lovers driving a quad is surely a unique and incomparable experience. Vehicles with 2, 3 or 4 wheels give an incredible sensation of freedom and they are able to reach places unreachable with other vehicles.
Palano Services, the moto dealer in Via Dante Alighieri 140, has increased the offering of services so it has become a valuable point of reference for those who want to buy a new moto quad in Canova di Roana.
Thanks to partnerships with important brands of factories such as Arctic, the centre has become the point of reference for all moto quad lovers.
ARCTIC CAT 700 XT _ 4-wheel vehicle, perfect for professional activities in farm and countryside and you can have fun facing any type of ground in complete safety.
  • Engine size of 695cc, monocylindrical.
  • Cylinder bore and stroke 02x85mm.
  • Power (l7e /off road) 15/30,9 kw.
  • Sohc engine 4 strokes, 4 EFI valves.
  • Liquid cooling down with rotor.
  • Automatic transmission CVT with EBS
  • Electrical starter system.
  • Transmission L/H/N/R.
  • Traction 2/4 WD + electric diff. lock structure.
  • Type of rear suspensions, double arm at A.
  • Travel rear suspension 254mm.
  • Type of front suspensions, double arm at A.
  • Travel front suspension 254mm.
  • Front bake Hydraulic disc.
  • Rear brake Hydraulic disc.
  • Front tyres 25x8 – 12.
  • Rear tyres 25x10 – 12
  • Aluminium wheel rims (XT), dimensions:
  • Dry weight 334,3 kg.
  • Dimensions: 2180 x 1240 x 1290 mm
  • Weight: 1270 mm
  • Ground elevation: 279 mm
  • Under bonnet compartment capacity: N/A
  • Front baggage holder capacity: 45kg
  • Rear baggage holder capacity: 91kg
  • Tank capacity: 21,6 l
  • Dashboard: speedometer and digital milometer.
  • Totally independent suspensions.
  • Splitted front and rear headlights.
  • Pulley for 1360kg
  • Ball towing hook of 50mm (electrical wiring excluded).
  • Standard colours: metallic blue navy
  • Painted plastic power steering and rear anti-rolling plank.
  • Price starting from €9.999,00.
Nowadays, the company represents the trustworthy dealer for anyone decides to buy a new moto quad in Canova di Roana. For further information upon models in sale and available models ready to be delivered, it is possible to take a look to the website: www.palanoservizi.it.