Palano Services centre isn’t only seller and dealer of new motorcycles and quads, thanks to an expert team of professionals and to an authorised workshop, the company is able to fix, buy and offer again on the market pre-owned vehicles previously inspected and tested on streets.
To buy a second-handed moto quad in Canove di Roana, the centre proposes a great range of different vehicles and models and various prices slots, but extremely competitive. Among the vehicles there are brands such as Arctic, Can Am Outlander and Polaris Scrambler.
In the catalogue:
  • Quad Arctic Cat 1000 XT, full optional, year 2004. Power steering, pulley, front and rear canvas bags, Big Horn tyres, damper covers, hand protections, rigid front boot, alloy wheel rims, Victory versions, on consignment from private at the dealer.
  • Quad Arctic Cat 700 XT, year 2013. Power steering, alloy wheel rims, Big Horn tyres, Wars pulley, 2wd, 4wd, reduced gears and gear block with a year of warranty.
  • Quad Arctic Cat 550l core, year 2012, tyred, heating handles, TRV, long step with double seat for passenger comfort, Warm pulley, 2wd, 4wd, reduced gears and gear block, a year of warranty.
  • Can Am Outlander 800 of 2007, heated handles, windscreen, new tyres Moapa, servicing and inspection, original caterpillars kit BRP.
  • Polaris Scrambler 500 4x4 of 2007, dwt wheel rims, America headlights, new battery, rear baggage holder, 4 strokes, engine size: 499 cc, liquid cooling down of starter system, e/p starter system, pvt gears, brakes: dd-d, wheel rims measures (front and rear): 10” / 10”, weight: 259kg, length: 1905mm, width: 1168mm, seat height: 864mm, tank capacity: 13.2l, piston ring: quad.
  • To complete the range there are ATV articles and new and pre-owned snowmobiles always ready to deliver and at competitive prices.
Seriousness and professionality of all the team together with the wide range of articles proposed in the catalogue, it allows the customer to choose the vehicle he wants to buy.
What makes Palano Services centre great, is not the purchase possibility of second-handed quads in Canove di Roana, but all other services that offer to the customer safety and quality warranty.